The Editors

Karim Ajania, Editor-in-Chief of Migration Maps

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Karim is the Founder of Pencils for Africa and African Peace Journal.

He is a former school principal of a Massachusetts state charter middle school. Karim was born and schooled in Kenya and holds advanced degrees from MIT and from Harvard University.

To read an interview with Karim for the African Peace Journal click here.

Kimani Nyambura, Managing Editor of Migration Maps

I was born in Ngenia a village in central Kenya.

My house had no electricity or running water. The people of Ngenia earn their living by picking coffee cherries in the huge coffee plantations that surround the villages.

The 2 dollars a day made from picking coffee was almost never enough to feed us, leave alone considering going to school. As a boy from Ngenia, my fate was already predetermined for me; becoming a coffee-picker like everyone. Fortunately, a miracle happened in 2007, I was picked to be a contestant for a high school scholarship through the Hilde Back Education Fund.

I was also featured in their award-winning documentary film, A Small Act by Jennifer Arnold.

The chance to go to high school changed my perspective, I had a new vision beyond coffee picking. After high school, I was offered a sponsorship to come to Wisconsin, United States to study by a lady that had seen the film and was very inspired by it.

I immigrated to the US in 2014 and I am currently pursuing a BA in Communication in Northwest University in Seattle, hoping to graduate in May 2017.

I love telling stories, informing people and hence my passion in the media and film industry.

I would to love to be a News Anchor film producer in the future.

Pascal Bashombana, Contributing Editor of Migration Maps

Pascal Bashombana was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

After finishing primary school in Bukavu, Congo, he pursued secondary school and university in Goma. Pascal is the Co-founder of CAMME/DRC, a non profit organization, that supports and empowers marginalized and exploited youth in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

He is also the Managing Editor of Ubuntu Room.

He worked as freelancer and translator for different western organizations and film crews.

Pascal previously lived in the San Francisco Bay Area. He currently lives in Columbus, Ohio.

Pascal continues pursuing his dream of helping children in Africa and around the world.