Muyambi Nh 4

Muyambi is from Rukungiri, Uganda.

Uganda is in east Africa and neighbors Congo (DRC), Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Sudan.

Muyambi is the founder of the Bicycles Against Poverty program based in Gulu, Uganda.

Muyambi was a 2013 National Geographic Travelers of the Year and recipient of the esteemed Burma International award at Bucknell University among other awards. 

He has degrees in Civil Engineering (B.S.E.) and Economics (B.A.) from Bucknell University.

Before Bucknell, he attended high school in Norway at the United World College. 

On Saturday mornings, you will find Muyambi on a road bike.

He has been lucky to cycle across both the USA and Uganda.

Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth University in New Hampshire, USA

Muyambi is currently an MBA student at Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth University.

Dartmouth University is located on the US East Coast in Hanover, New Hampshire, USA.

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